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These days when you get caught on your holiday by a “Tout bearing gifts” you really don’t know what you are letting yourself in for. In the “Good old days” of Timeshare you did at least know what they were talking about and if you kept your senses you could perhaps endure for the said “90 mins” and escape with your “gifts”. Now however times have changed, the Touts are the same, but the companies have changed dramatically and so have the products. Don’t get me wrong the Timeshare guys are still out there and their tactics are still as brutal, but these new ones are different.

The times have changed when you knew that it was Timeshare they were trying to sell you but now its “credits” what on earth are credits you might say? Well, these are things they try and sell you by the millions. These things are supposed to allow you as much as 30 or 40% discount on holidays and High St shopping. Fantastic you might think but don’t forget the warnings you were given before, “If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is” and believe me this isn’t even partly true.

How did you get here again you might be asking yourself?

Well you now have your timeshare that if you are honest with yourself, you wished you’d never bought it. The exchanges are not as extensive as they made out at the presentation, in fact that’s why you are back here in Tenerife or the Costa del Sol, couldn’t get anything else. The maintenance fees are through the roof again, before you know it the guy is onto this subject.

The Salesman or woman starts to ask you how much you enjoy your timeshare and you open up like a man at counseling. You pour out your heart to him or her and they are so sympathetic, so apathetic

Let me show you they say how we can rid you of your timeshare burden and set you free to enjoy 5star holidays where you want to go at super reduced prices and no that’s right no maintenance fees ever. OH BOY!!

Let’s not forget the extras, the discounted High Street shopping? Yeah when you have bought the discount card from the company, anyone can get one of those! And then you can get a WHOPPING 4% !!! What happened to the exclusivity???

 Well 2 years down the road and the timeshare may or may not have gone and even if it has, you had some scares along the way. You paid several thousand pounds to this company, the discounts are either very small or non-existent. Either way you could have got them cheaper on line or on the High Street.

Let’s face it you’ve been had again and it makes you very angry that people can do this to other people and not worry about it at all.

Now you have the opportunity to have the monies returned to you by calling Donaldson Bruce Associates right now and allow the specialists to deal with your claim professionally.

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